Lakeview Park

Royersford, Pa.

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Lakeview Park was a small amusement park in Montgomery County, Pa. It was located on Walnut St. just off of Rte. 422 in Royersford.

It had a carousel, bumper cars, scrambler, tilt-a-whirl, whip, bubble bounce, ferris wheel, roto-jet, twister, sky ride, and a few children's rides. It also had a fun house and a roller coaster.

It had a lake with paddle-boats, and a train that ran around the park. In the earlier years there was swimming in the lake.

In 1975, the new Rte. 422 highway was built and it took away some of the parking lot.

The park closed in the late 1980's, but the ruins of the park are still there, in June 2000. From the road, you can see the ruins of the miniature golf course, the fun house, the lake, and various other unknown structures.

The ruins will probably not stand for long, though. In the middle of what used to be the parking lot, is a sign advertising a coming mall.

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UPDATE - May, 2007
Denise M.

Lakeview Park has been replaced by the Lakeview Shopping Center. Kohl's, Giant, and Marshalls now stand where the park once operated.

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Lake and Train Train

Ruins - June 2000

Pavilions and Lake Picnic Grounds Ticket Booth

Overgrown Miniature Golf
Another Hole
Bumper Car Pavilion Behind
Lake Today

Lake Today Bumper Car Pavilion Pavilions

Bumper Car Pavilion on Left
Ferris Wheel would have been in Center
Wild Mouse was on the Right
Entrance to Parking Lot Sign Announcing
"Now Leasing
Shopping Center"

Thanks to Brian for Some of This Information
Brian ran the ferris wheel for the 1975 season

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