Woodside Park

Philadelphia, Pa.
1897 - 1955

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Woodside Park was an amusement park in the City Line area of Philadelphia, Pa.

The neighborhood where the park was located is still known as Woodside Park, or, alternately, Wynnefield Heights.

The park was on the south side of Ford Road, just east of its intersection with Monument Road and Conshohoken Road (known as "Five Points"). It touched against Philadelphia's Fairmount Park.

Woodside was the name of an earlier estate on the property.

Woodside Park was constructed in 1897 by the Fairmount Park Transportation Company. At that time, a trolley ran through Fairmount Park to the entrance to the park.

The park had a total of about 40 rides. It had a Dentzel carousel, a Ferris wheel, and a Whip. There was the Lightning Bug ride and Chase the Duck (a kids water ride), a "rocket ship" merry-go-round and other rides. There were games of skill, concerts in the band shell, a miniature railroad, a bicycle track and Crystal Pool, a large swimming pool.

Over the years, Woodside Park operated 11 roller coasters. There was a large one called "the Hummer" and a smaller one, the "Wild Cat", which was built by the Phila. Toboggan Co. The "Whirlwind" was built by the L.A. Thompson Co. in 1909 and it lasted until 1917.

There was boating on Woodside Park Lake, and Chamounix Lake was only one stop away on the trolley.

In September of 1926, the park was swept by a fire causing $50,000 worth of damages. Three days later, a Philadelphia man was arrested after admitting to starting the blaze. The park was rebuilt for the next season.

The park closed in 1955. Today, there is nothing left of the park. Even Chamounix Lake was drained in the mid-1950's to make way for the Schuykill Expressway.

Deep in the trees of Fairmount Park, you can still find a paved walkway that once led from the trolley stop to the park. There is nothing left of the trolley stop, or even the trolley line.

On either side of Ford Rd. is the remnants of the stone bridge that once carried the trolley over Ford Rd.

Today, the site of the park is a variety of housing - from brick row homes to high-rise condos.

The Woodside Park Miniature Railroad was purchased by a South New Jersey enthusiast. He has restored it and the train from Riverview Beach Park, and has them on his farm.

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Aerial View of Woodside Park "Bump The Bumps" Slide Entrance to Woodside Park

Midway with Roller Coaster Crystal Pool Postcard of the Pretzel

"Its A Scream" Funhouse Woodside Band Shell Pavilion

Tickler Ride Mountain Scenic Railway - 1911 Boating on the Lake

Boating on Chamounix Lake Strolling in the Park Footbridge Over the Lake

Strolling in the Park Entrance to Woodside Park Midway

Lake at Woodside Park Whirlwind Coaster - 1909 Coaster and Rides

Fairmount Park Trolley
Heading into Woodside Park
Boat on the Lake Midway

Footbridge over Lake Scenic Railway - 1915 Lake

Scenic Railway "Wave" Ride The Pretzel

"Hummer" Coaster Entrance to the Park

"WildCat" Coaster Newspaper Advertisement

"WildCat" Coaster - 1946


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